Tour Groups

Photo of school band after they performed in front of the Cocoa Beach Ron Jon

Photo of school band after their performance at the Ron Jon in Cocoa Beach

Ron Jon Surf Shop welcomes groups daily at all our locations.

Due to the wide appeal of our store, Ron Jon Surf Shop is the perfect place to bring any group. From school groups to senior tours, there is something for everyone at Ron Jon Surf Shop.

For helping make Ron Jon Surf Shop a group destination, we are pleased to offer the following benefits:


Group Incentives

We offer discounts to pre-registered groups coming to Ron Jon Surf Shop.  We also offer a group incentive to either the tour operator or the bus driver at the Cocoa Beach store only.  This incentive is $1.50 per person up to $50.00.  The group manifest must be shown at customer service upon arrival in order to receive this incentive.

If you are interested in pre-registering a group visit to Ron Jon Surf Shop, please e-mail the Group Sales Department or call (321) 799-8880 ext. 1048.


Ron Jon Discount Card Program:

Any group tour company can participate in the Ron Jon Discount Card Program.  Ron Jon Surf Shop will print discount cards courtesy of your company for you to give to your groups.  The card will also contain a barcode specific to your company.  These cards are to be given to your groups before they enter the store.  Ron Jon will then give the tour company $1.00 per card redeemed.


Performance In Excellence (only available at the Cocoa Beach location):

Performance In Excellence is a unique program that allows elementary, middle and high school performers a place to show off their talent.  It's great any time of year but especially around holidays and spring break.  We have had everything from large marching bands, small choral groups and dance ensembles perform at the store.

We provide bus parking and an area outside the main entrance in which to perform.  You provide the talent!

After the performance, the ensemble is presented with a commemorative plaque, and each individual receives a Ron Jon fun pack and 15% discount card.  Directors receive a gift and 20% discount card.

If you are interested in a group performance at Ron Jon Surf Shop, please e-mail the Group Sales Department or call (321) 799-8880 ext. 1048.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you perform at the store!

Thank you for your interest in Ron Jon Surf Shop.  If you have any other questions, please email the Group Sales Department or call (321) 799-8880 ext. 1048.