Seamus Carey Bio

D.O.B: July 2005

Member of the USA Surfing Jr. Developmental Team


Nickname:   Moose

Birthplace:   Philadelphia, PA

Current Residence:   Atlantic City, NJ

Stance:   Regular

Sponsors:   Ron Jon Surf Shop, Quiksilver, Algorithm Surfboards, Oakley, Sector 9 and Gorilla

Main Shaper:   Brian Brown at Superbrand

Quiver:  Favorites right now are the 5'10" Optimizer & HD and 6'2" Upgrade models that are all by Algorithm Surfboards

Favorite Waves: Any hollow beach break in NJ

Favorite Maneuvers:  Getting barreled or a good cutback

Favorite Surfers:  Brett Barley, Koa Rothman and Nate Behl

Training: Swimming, prone paddling and running

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite Ron Jon Product:  8' foamie and the surfing pig

Other Interests:  Fishing

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Photo of Seamus Carey surfing