Bob Freeman Bio

D.O.B: August 1948


NKF Surf Festival - 16 Championships

Easter Surf Festival – 12 Championships

ESA Multiple District and Regional Championships

International Legends Invitational Champion – Puerto Rico 2015

Space Coast Sports Hall of Fame Inductee – 2014

AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) USA Silver Medalist – 2008

ESA Eastern Championships - multiple 2nd place finishes

US Surfing Championships 5th place- 1996

Florida State Men’s Open Champion – 1968

Original Ron Jon Team member - 1967

Instagram: @freesurfs

Nickname: Bob

Birthplace: Outer Banks, NC

Current Residence: Melbourne Beach, FL

Stance: Regular on shortboard, switch stance on longboard

Sponsors: Allen White, Matt Kechele

Main Shapers: Allen White and Matt Kechele

Quiver: 9’0 and 9’4 performance longboards, 6’8 and 7’0 thrusters

Favorite Waves: 6-8 feet

Favorite Maneuvers: speed, lip bashing and putting the board on rail

Favorite Surfers: Gary Propper, Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Saxon Wilson

Training: Focus on leg strength, stretching

Favorite Music: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Ron Jon Products: T-shirts and hats

Other Interests: Fishing and Gardening

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