Corey Howell Bio

D.O.B: November 1995


2-time National College Men's Shortboard Champion

2022 NKF Men's Pro Champ as a Doctor

Instagram: @ShredDoctor

Nickname: Shred Doc

Birthplace: Wilmington, NC

Current Residence: New Smyrna Beach, FL and Melbourne, FL

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Ron Jon Surf Shop, Island Root Kava Bar, Nixon, X-cel Wetsuits, Wicked Pineapple Coffee, Pyzel Surfboards, Central Florida Health Clinic, Space Coast Board Riders

Main Shaper: Pyzel Surfboards


Owner of Central Florida Health Clinic

Student at Palmer Chiropractic College in Daytona

Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed Athletic Trainer 

Graduated from University of North Florida 

YouTube gardening expert

Favorite Waves:  Anywhere the waves are clean, weather is beautiful and my friends are out ripping.

Favorite Surfers: CJ Hobgood, John John Florence, Noah Flegel 

Training:  Weights, climbing/hiking, hockey, anything that gets the heart pumping.  

Favorite Music: Eclectic - depends on the mood and environment, but I have been big into positivity music like Beautiful Chorus.

Favorite Ron Jon Products: Towels and Hats

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Photo of Corey Howell surfing