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D.O.B.: 10/20/07                                                                                               

ESA SE Regional Girls U12 Champ - placed 2nd in U14
Ranked equal 7th in the Nation for U12 Girls
USA Olympic Developmental Team
Easterns 2nd in U12, 3rd in U14
3rd Women’s Pro NKF

Instagram: @kylie.pulcini

Nickname: Ky

Birthplace: Melbourne, FL

Current Residence:  Melbourne, FL

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Ron Jon Surf Shop, School of Surf, FCS, Sun Bum, NPI Productions, Wicked Pineapple, Corkcicle

Main Shaper: I don’t have one.

Quiver: I’m the mama of two beautiful 4’9 Lost Driver and Lost Baby Driver which is a little more thick and wide for smaller waves.

Favorite Waves: Big mushy close outs

Favorite Maneuvers: Laybacks, Airs, 360s

Favorite Surfers: Rachel Presti, Todd Holland, Lauren McLean, Chauncey Robinson, Filipe Toledo, Carissa Moore

Training: With the wonderful and great Todd Holland at School of Surf!

Favorite Music: Lizzo, oldies, pop, rap, punk, country, Christmas music, everything

Favorite Ron Jon Products: Trusty Badge Tee

Other Interests: Skateboarding, Art, Dancing, Slime, Reading, and I love meeting new people!

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