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D.O.B: June 2002


1st Place Mens Pro Locals Only

1st Place NSSA East Coast Champs Open Juniors

1st Place Surfing America Prime Cocoa Beach U18

Instagram: @blake_speir

Nickname: Bloke

Birthplace: Melbourne, FL

Current Residence: Melbourne Beach, FL

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Ron Jon, Longdoggers Grill, Lost Surfboards, Freak Traction, Sun Bum

Main Shaper: Matt Biolos

Quiver: 5’5”, 5’7”, 5’8”, 6’0”, 6’4”

Favorite Waves: Trestles, Soup Bowl, Cane Garden, Middles

Favorite Maneuvers:
Layback Carves and Snaps, Rail Turns, Airs, and getting Barreled

Favorite Surfers: Felipe Toledo, John John, Julian Wilson

Training: Ride Carver, Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats

Favorite Music: Hip Hop

Favorite Ron Jon Product: Ron Jon Straw Lifeguard Hat

Other Interests: Basketball, Hanging out with friends

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