(Cocoa Beach Store)

Shout out to Akilah at the Cocoa Beach store. She was incredibly courteous, efficient & helpful on our visit today. We observed her deal with a couple of difficult customers in line ahead of us, while maintaining her positive & professional attitude. Then took care of our purchase quickly & with a great positive vibe!


(Ocean City, MD Store)
In July I purchased a shirt at your store in ocean city, md. When I got home, I found out it was the wrong size. I took a chance and called the store and asked if I could exchange it and the girl at the store was so helpful ! Her name was Kim and she was the store manager. Today, I received a text from Kim about my return. She sent me pictures of some other shirts that I could exchange for and if I wanted to change my original request. I chose a different shirt and she told me that it was being sent tomorrow. I am absolutely amazed by Kim ! She went above and beyond what she needed to do to please the customer. I wanted to make you aware of what a wonderful employee you have. I hope you recognize and appreciate what a gem you have there !!!

(Online Store)
Thank you so much Michelle. I received the shorts a couple of days ago and wanted to thank you very much. I'm wearing the black pair now as we speak (they are so comfy). I will be doing business with you in the future - your company apparently cares about its customers - thank you for that.

Adrianna, CA
(Online Store)
I am not sure if my last submission went thru my phone timed out but I just want to give a big thank you to the girl Michelle who took my grandma's online order! She is 82 and not very handy with technology. But she wanted me to submit something to you guys to show how helpful nice and patient your customer service rep Michelle was! She said it was the best experience she had over the phone with a company most companies are very short and don't listen to what the customer wants and cuts them off but Michelle didn't do any of this and she the was also very knowledgeable and helped my grandma step by step to find the shirts she was looking for! My family are huge Ron Jon fans wish u guys had a store in Cali but the website is a big help and we will be referring Your company to our friends and family and make sure they ask for Michelle! Thanks again Ron jobs for helping my grandma you guys rock!!!!

Greg, FL
(Cocoa Beach Store)
I was vacationing on Cocoa Beach a few weeks ago and needed some assistance with my surfboard and encountered your surf shop employee Carlos. He was exceptionally courteous. informative, and just an all-around nice guy. I had stopped into the store located next door and suffered through several MUCH LESS accommodating staff, so decided I'd take my business next door (to you). And I'm SO GLAD I DID!!! The other store lost my patronage for life, and you gained it!

Rodney, FL
(Online Store & Cocoa Beach Store)
Hi Gillian, Wow, I am blown away. I want to thank you and Mike for your help. Ron Jon's will be well represented when I go to Georgia.

Tim, TX
(Online Store)
Hello, I hope that somehow this makes it to a manager because I wish to make a compliment about the service I received on my order today. We had bought a bunch of items in your Cocoa Beach store back a couple of years ago. A few of those were some little impulse items that didn't cost much. Strange enough, our young grandson took those like a favorite toy. They live in our minivan... Now that we have more grand kids, they started wondering where their own little critters were. They all call them turtles. So the other day, I figured it was time to track more down and try my luck getting pink and purple colors for our granddaughter. I found your info@ email address on line and gave it a try. Within no time, I received a response from Michelle in customer service. She informed me that the 10 each I was requesting were on their way to her office. I finished up with an order by phone with her a few minutes ago. Our critters are on the way to us in Texas now! I wish to say thank you to Michelle for her lightning response and professional personality. I realize these were low dollar items and the service she provided was not expected but, wow, we are very happy with the way things worked out. She treated me as if I were buying surfboards and other higher dollar items. Thanks again and we will be seeing you all on our next trip to the Cocoa area.

Barbara, OH
(Online Store)
I have a real dislike of technology and do not enjoy placing orders on-line but had to for a special birthday. When I called your on-line store the reception and service I received was nothing short of outstanding. My questions were answered, the process very simple and the speed at which the wonderful girl took my order was amazing. Although asked if I wanted additional help I was also told to please call again if I had any questions or needed to add anything else. There was no sales pressure just a pleasant conversation with the exchange of information. I'll be calling again, thank you.

Don, TX
(Key West Store)
Was in key west fl and was having real hard time getting go pro 4 to work . Went to you shop and ask for help. Everyone there was very helpful . There was a young lady by the name of Paige who went way above the call of duty. She had all the knowledge needed to help us get it paired, and said that she received her training onsite. I give her our most profound thanks and gratitude In her and all the others involved in making it so I could use my new toy on on my motorcycle ride back to Texas. Your team was great. Please let them know that I sent this letter to you and tell them thanks again. Thanks

(Online Store)
Thank you so much for your outstanding service which is sorely lacking with some companies these days! Please pass this note along to the manager or supervisor of anyone who had a hand in this wonderfully painless process.

Elizabeth, FL
(Cocoa Beach Store)
Thank you Allison the cashier at the Cocoa Beach location. She was very helpful in suggestion of products along with my niece was here from Seattle & wanted an extra RJ sticker to take back to a friend of hers, so Allison gave her an extra one in her back to take to her friend when she over heard our conversation. Employees like Allison make our 2 hour trip to visit you store, worth it!

Megan, KS
(Key West Store)
I always find many great things in your stores and have purchased in several of them as well. Everyone is always nice and helpful. We have always been satisfied with all of our purchases over the years, but I have a questions about a sweat shirt I purchased in your Key West location while on a cruise. I purchased an XL and absolutely loved it.......until I washed and dried it. It shrank really bad in the body. I absolutely love this sweat shirt and it wouldn't be a problem if I were not so tall. It looks way to short now and am really bummed about it. Pretty sure at this point I don't have the receipt, and wasn't sure if there was any policy about shrinkage of clothing and exchanges. I put the receipt in a shred bin at work, I work for a bank. It is possible I could locate it, but not sure. Please let me know if there is any way you can help me with this problem. Again, we love your stores and normally don't have any issues, so again, if you can help me in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!

(Online Store)
Ron Jon Surf Shop has a customer for life! I emailed their office last night because I have 6 tubes of unusable chap-stick in my purse because it feels like sandpaper when I use it. They called me today, already had my information pulled up and 6 new tubes via UPS to me! That's amazing customer service!!!

Jason, FL
(Panama City Beach Store & Online Store)
I wanted to make sure two employees were complimented for wonderful service! I live in Panama City Beach, Fl. and asked the General Manager (Dan K) if he could help me find a new Matt K shape board. He found one in Cocoa Beach for me and with the amazing help of Becky L they were able to get me my new board. I rode it last week for the 1st time and it is spectacular. These two employees went WAYYYYY above and beyond the normal, just to find me a new board. They did a lot more, but no need to elaborate. They were great. Thanks again.

(Online Store)
I wanted to say Thank You for Ron Jon's excellent service shipping my recent purchase. I ordered 12 etched palm tree glasses online and all of them made it successfully to my home. The packaging was very thorough. I'm sure it was a hassle to ship these items, and I was concerned when I placed the order that they might not make it in one piece. It's great to know that I can get the same great items online and securely shipped to my home. Thanks again!

Mark, VA
(Online Store)
You guys Rock!
New shorts showed up today and fit perfectly. Thank you!!! Will be taking these with me next week to the slopes of Salt Lake City. Perfect shorts for the hot tub with my cocktail in my hand. If you have a place you'd like me to post a link about your spectacular service, just sent it to me.

Daniel, MI
(Key West Store)
I was recently visiting Key West and stopped into your location. The Customer service was excellent and I had a great time shopping!

Mike, FL
I would just like to say that I love My Ron Jon attire. I am currently in Afghanistan as a Contractor and wear my Ron Jon shirts daily. As a matter of fact, I have a "One Of A Kind" sticker in the back window of our van. Needless to say, not only do I get numerous compliments about my shirts, it helps to identify who I am. Just ordered a Royal Blue Fleece Hoodie, waiting patiently for that to arrive. Being a Florida Boy, this gives me a touch of home, wherever I am. Once again, thanks.

(Online Store)
Thanks again Becky! I really do appreciate Ron Jon standing behind their product. A company dong this means a lot to me.

John, CA
(Orlando Store)
Donna is a breath of fresh air! When everyone in Orlando area treated us like "tourists" and just told us to "read the signs", Donna took the extra time to help us out and make us feel at home. She is a shining star.

(Online Store)
Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you for being so great! : ) We've ordered from you guys several times in the past month and everything is always shipped and delivered so much sooner than I would expect! Items are always of great quality too! It's great! Thank you, again!

Gus, UK
(Online Store)
Hiya Jennifer, May I take this opportunity to than you for taking the time out to send stickers, across the pond to a child that you have never met, you are very kind and thoughtful, all I can say is a BIG thank you, the look on his face was priceless. Best wishes and many thanks.

Carol, NJ
(Online Store)
Hi Jennifer, Thanks very much. The customer service at Ron Jon is excellent. You have all been very helpful and I will definitely shop at Ron Jon again in the future. Thanks again!

Colleen, DE
(Online Store)
Hi Becky... Just wanted to say thank you!!! I just received the bracelets!!! I was so happy to get the Ron Jon box!!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

Gloria, NY
(Online Store)
Thanks, RON JON - Best Service Ever

(Online Store)
Gillian, We were also sorry that our order didn't work out as we would have liked, but we are grateful for Ron Jon's being such a wonderful company to work with under the circumstances. We were impressed with your speed and helpfulness with our problem and even more so with your generous offer to send t-shirts to our grandsons. Next time we are in Cocoa Beach, we will definitely stop in your store! Much thanks.

Ross, FL
(Online Store)
Gillian, You have served me with excellent service. Keep that attitude up in life and you will do well.

Mark, MA
(Online Store)
Just wanted to say "thanks" for the nice packet of Ron Jon decals which showed up at my home this weekend. Take care - have a great rest of summer!

(Cocoa Beach Store)
My parents told me about Ronjons a few years ago and brought me back a t-shirt.

This summer my husband and I drove down to Cocoa Beach from Montreal just to see where my parents used to live and go to the beach. While we were there, my husband bought me a surfing lesson at the RJ surf school, and I loved it.Eric was my instructor. I stood up the first time and stayed up every time after that ( I'm a snowboard instructor and schoolteacher in Montreal)!!!! It was so much fun! We went to the store and bought out the place!
Anyway, now I'm totally sold on surfing and plan to surf whenever I can, wherever I can.

(Online Store)
WOW! That's all I can say. I have been buying your products for years. I coach a baseball and a softball team and I'm known as the Ron Jon guy! I have so many people expecting gifts from Ron Jon's now every year, I love your products and it was your cotton that won my loyalty years ago. Many many Thanks!

Poppy, NJ
(Online Store)
Had to write to say thank you for my recent order. It was on time, packaged great and I even found a surprise in the package. This is my 5th order with the website and I've always had prompt service and quality products. Keep at it and thanks again.

Steve, MS
(Online Store)
Morning, I wanted to let you know that your customer service person - Becky - is on the ball. She not only got me the items I forgot to buy when in the Cocoa Beach store but let me know of newer items that had arrived since my visit that were along the same lines. I spent more than I had intended but once the items got here I was extremely pleased with my purchase and the whole process. I will certainly be shopping your site again in the near future. Thanks

(Cocoa Beach Store)
I just wanted to pass on a compliment and thanks regarding the outstanding customer service I received last week at the Cocoa Beach store. I was in the area for the shuttle launch and afterward stopped by RJ on Monday afternoon the 16th to pick up a few souvenirs before returning home. I wanted to bring my teenage daughter a swimsuit from "The World’s Most Famous Surf Shop," but had just about zero expertise in that area. Fortunately, one of your employees in the upstairs girl's/women's section came to the rescue. I hope that I remember correctly that her name was Taylor -- young, straight blonde hair. Anyway, with the other workers busy helping people at the cash register and changing rooms, I approached Taylor at the counter where she was sorting some clothes and asked if anyone could help me pick out a suit for my daughter. Setting aside what she was doing, she cheerfully replied, "Sure, I can," and led me over to the swimsuit area. She asked several good questions about my daughter to get a sense of what might work in terms of size and style, then showed me around the various brands with good advice about current trends and other considerations in trying to choose a bikini for a tall, active, athletic 16-year-old girl. She then left me to browse while saying not to hesitate to ask if I had any other questions. After agonizing for what was probably far too long, I picked one out and took it over to show her, and it turned out to be the very first one she'd showed me, her top recommendation! When making the purchase at the register, I mentioned to the older woman taking care of me there how helpful Taylor had been, and she thanked me and said she'd make sure to pass it on, but I wanted to let the powers that be know myself. Taylor's help and attitude were the epitome of excellent customer service, and reflect very positively on Ron Jon. So, thanks again to her and the company!

PS -- My daughter loved the suit, so Taylor's instincts and expertise were right on target!

Sarah - UK
(Online Store)
Hiya, Many thanks for the order, received it yesterday and it is brilliant.
Very good quality clothing.

Eileen - NJ
(Online Store)

Ron Jon's provided my grandchildren and I with the most fun we've had to date.  I was shopping on your website and could not figure out what size Skimboard a 7yr old and a 5 yr old would need.  I phoned and Becky (a wonderful employee) helped to guide me.  She was fun and thoughtful.

Sunday we drove to LBI and went right to Ron Jon's .  The kids were excited and thrilled to see all the surfboards, skimboards and skateboards.  The 5yr old ran around with  my camera to take pictures of everything. Kyle helped us size two shorty wetsuits and two Ron Jon Skimboards.  The kids were impressed with the multiple balconies and especially the wall of flip flops.  We left with 2 Ron Jon shorties, 2 skimboards, 2 cakes of wax and two  shark floats.


Their mother, my daughter is not an outdoor person.  I want the grandchildren to enjoy water sports and the outdoors.  Ron Jon's employees, wonderful store and thoughtfulness was the perfect combination for the kids. Thank you for this great experience.  I know we'll be back for rash guards, booties and definitely Flip Flops.

Penny - Ireland
(Online Store)
Just wanted to say that I shopped the store and your website. The staff in are just super. They are always willing to look for things for me, answer all my questions and do a great job of packing my orders. Thanks for being so customer friendly!

(Myrtle Beach Store)
Today I contacted your Barefoot Landing store in North Myrtle Beach, SC. I vacationed there two weeks ago and purchased a pair of earrings from your store. I love the earrings and was upset when they came apart. The greater dilemma is that I live 3.5 hours away in North Carolina and do not have a store near me. I spoke with Josh Rudd, the manager on duty, and he made my experience an absolute delight! After explaining the situation Josh assured me he would happily do an exchange by mail and would even waive the shipping fee. He went a step further and offered to look for the earrings and make sure they still had a pair in stock. I described the earrings and Josh inquired if I had a picture phone. When I said I did, he looked for the earrings and sent me a picture to make sure he had located the correct pair. They were! 

Through Josh listening to my concerns and really focusing on the client he made the experience easy and pleasant. I also love his intuitive spirit to take a picture to confirm he had the correct pair, I would have never thought of that! Through my positive and stress-free interaction, you are guaranteed a customer for life! I can not thank Josh enough for the ease, reassurance, and willingness to put the client first!

I do a lot of shopping and you don't come across these types of retail experiences everyday so I had to write and tell you about it. Kudos to Josh Rudd at the Barefoot Landing North Myrtle Beach Ron Jon Surf Shop! I am one happy customer!

Reece - IN
I just wanted to say that I really like your company and to say that you guys are doing a fantastic job. Not only do you have quality things, you also have a great marketing team and company profile. I hope to some day work for a company as good as yours.



Dannielle - NJ
(Online Store)
I recently purchased 7 items online from Ron Jon. I actually, specifically, ordered the items in preparation of going to the beach with a friend. The jewelry matched my bikini perfectly; I couldn't have been more satisfied. Also the bags I ordered were awesome for my belongings. I plan on using all the items daily now instead of just for the beach. Oh, and also, my  ultimate favorite is my new perfume. It smells so unique and it has a lot of kick to it. I couldn't stop spraying it while I was at the beach yesterday and even today at work. My hair ties were the neatest too. They stayed in no matter how rough the waves got. Overall, I love Ron Jon Surf Shop. An especially nice touch to my new items was the sticker I found hiding in with the order papers. I was so stoked when I seen it. I hope to put it to some good use and maybe stick it on my vehicle with my other Ron Jon stickers. With that said, thank you Ron Jon for being so awesome! I definitely plan on shopping there in the future.

(Cocoa Beach Store)
Dear Sir or Miss , After seeing huge signs for miles, we found you and shopped on May 28, 2010. What a pleasant surprise, quality goods at fair prices. All of your staff were pleasant and helpful. After calling our son about our granddaughters size it was necessary for me to exchange one purchase for a larger size. Colette and Sara were very helpful with my exchange process. Keep up the good work and quality merchandise.

Floridians do not use GPS, instead we count on  Ron Jons billboards to get us back to beautiful Cocoa Beach.

Valerie - CT
(Online Store)
Hi Guys!  I am very pleased with the two neon tees I purchased (Royal Blue & Orange)!! The blue one is for my husband and I am wearing the orange one as a beach cover-up over my bathing suit! I actually ran to the door when I saw the UPS driver pull up to my house! Thank you again for coming up with such new, exciting clothing!
Forever A Ron Jon Fan

(Cocoa Beach Store)
Hello  Christine, I want to thank you for all your help with my return. your store was most accommodating in my time of being so upset. I made a purchase on vacation that needed to be returned. You were most gracious and the return went without a hitch. I tell everyone I know htat the Ron Jon Surf Shop is the place to shop and they stand behind all their products.
Many Thanks

Ryan - OH

Let me first start by saying Thank You!  Thank you for all the hard work, dedication and happiness that you provide for all the people that you serve.  Without people like you, the Ron Jon image, vision and “feeling” would not be as prominent as it is today.  I applaud you and wish you continued success and growth in the surfing/active lifestyle industry!

My first trip to a surf shop was around age ten in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Guess which shop? J  My family and I also visited Disney World the day before and it was a blast!  Guess which place I enjoyed the most?  I will give you a hint . . . there were not any life-sized Mice or Ducks roaming the facility!  You guessed it . . . . . Ron Jon Surf Shop.  From that day on, I had found my passion in life.  I don’t know if it was the friendly staff, row after row of shiny, new surfboards or the smell of the salt in the air that caused my exhilaration, but the combined effect was intoxicating.  It wasn’t long after my initial trip to Ron Jon that I tried surfing for the first time. 

At age thirteen, in Myrtle Beach, SC, I finally convinced my parents that I was strong enough to rent a surf board and I paddled out into the break.  I rented a short board (I thought I would be cool) and I had never taken a surfing lesson, but I was determined to ride a wave.  The waves were chest high that day and I charged the water with all my strength.  I started at 9:00 AM and by lunch I thought I had made a big mistake by not taking lessons.  I took a one hour break, consulted my Surfer Magazine, and read a quick article on “duck diving” and “turtle rolling”.  The article renewed my self-confidence and I paddled back out. 

By 7:00 PM, I still had not ridden a wave, and by that point I was sunburned, my head throbbed (the board had smacked me on the head a few times), my right ankle was cut from the fin, and my armpits and stomach were covered in rashes.  I decided to sit on my board for a minute and contemplate the situation.  As I bobbed on my board, I heard the band at our hotel begin to play their nightly music.  I decided to observe my surroundings and I was lost in thought (I even prayed).  I was beyond the break, so crashing waves were not a concern and I was able to see and feel the ocean.  For a few minutes the sea rocked and lulled me into a dream state and I decided to close my eyes.  In my mind, I went back to my first trip to Ron Jon Surf Shop and I could see flashes of orange, gold and red and I could feel the excitement that I felt as a young boy that day.  I took a deep breath of the moist, salt air and as the air filled my lungs, I opened eyes.

I looked to the horizon and I saw the biggest set of the day barreling toward me.  I’m not entirely certain how everything snapped into place, but I turned the short board toward the shore and began to paddle with all my might.  As I paddled, I could hear the band on shore playing “Brown Eyed Girl” (one of my favorites as a kid).  The first wave of the set rolled underneath and lifted me straight toward the sky, but the second lined up perfectly.  I popped from my knee to a standing position, and then all time seemed to go into slow motion.  I was the only person left in the water that day, so only a couple of seagulls witnessed the first surf ride of my life, but that fifteen second ride seemed like an eternity of bliss.  I didn’t cut or carve like my hero Kelly Slater, but I glided in on that wave clear into the shore and fell in love for the very first time.

Since my first trip to Ron Jon, I have surfed at least a hundred times and I have absolutely loved every minute of it (even with sun poisoning and week long rashes).  A few years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to surf my first reef break in Rincon, Puerto Rico!  It was amazing!  I currently live in Dayton, Ohio and as you can imagine, the waves are somewhat limited here. J  But, I have to tell you, the Midwest is abundant with people whom long for the ocean and the waves that travel thousands of miles for our enjoyment.  With the ocean so far away, I have developed passions in Ohio that parallel and possibly exceed my feelings for the beach, waves and salty air.

Ron Jon has been in my heart since I was a child and I thank you for all the wonderful memories with my family and friends.  I make it a point to purchase a Ron Jon T-shirt, sticker, towel, or memorabilia at each chance I get.  Every time I see the Ron Jon Logo, I’m reminded of my passion in life.  The ocean. . . yes, but the people that make up this crazy and wonderful planet we call Earth . . . even more so.  Thank You.

Libby - OH
(Cocoa Beach Store)
I was a chaperone with a group of 200 people, mostly high school students. I observed one of your Cocoa Beach cashiers as he did his job. He did an excellent job of serving everyone in his line. He exhibited much patience and an attitude of 'serving the customer well'. I told him and his manager how much I appreciated his efforts. I know it made a positive impression on the students as well. His name is Chris M, and I applaud him and his work as a Ron Jon's employee. He truly added to our positive experience. It is people like him that remind me that employees can help determine the success of a customer's experience. Thank you all so much!

Todd - FL
(Ft. Lauderdale store),
Daniella , You probably do not remember me but I was in Ron Jon with my son on Saturday February 20th, you were helping me pick out two sets of children's clothes for a birthday party. You went our of your way to help me. I appreciate the help. Thank you.

Denver - OK
(Online Store)
I couldn't of been happier than what I am with your business. Fast delivery and great products. Just wanted to say thank you and I plan on doing a lot more business with yall. Thank you.

 (Surf Grill)
Richard, I was at Ron Jon the first week of February 2010. During my visit I ate at the Surf Grill for three nights in a row. Each dining experience was great. The hospitality was very welcoming. What I was most impressed about was the chefs ability to make changes to the menu to fit my dining needs. I was very pleased and wanted to let you know that the whole experience was very nice. Great Job to you and especially your staff. Salute to the Chef!

(Online Store)
Dear Website Customer Service, Excellent service on the exchange of my son's hoody! Your e-mail response, phone and mail return were all the very best! I'll be using your online site to find gifts & shop since we have no stores in our area to show you our appreciation.  No way, did I think that when my daughter who lives in CA, travels to FL, buys gifts there and mails it to us here in IL, (and when item does not fit) would I be able to return or exchange it without the original receipt. She's a regular customer, and told me to send the e-mail. I said I'd be wasting my time & if they did, she'd have to dig up the receipt, mail it tome and on & on -- she assured me it wouldn't be that way. I emailed, doubted the instant helpful easy response, I just had to call, the person on the phone said the same thing!  I was thinking this company is so good I'll probably receive the exchange within a week! Nothing I would expect from others, maybe a month if the exchange was even possible! RONJONS the BEST! Thanks again for the wonderful fast service!!!!!!!!!

(Online Store)
Hello - Thank you so much for the quick shipping. I am enjoying my purchase. My husband and I like your store very much and appreciate the quality of your products and service. Thanks again. Jenn

(Surf Grill)
Dear Karen, Just a note to tell you what a nice time we had today at our luncheon. We appreciated all of those that served us. The (manager) that takes your place on Tuesday (Joy) was so accommodating and the wait staff (Debra and Bill) were just great. They took care of all or our needs and we truly thank you. I hope we were as good guests as you were hosts. Thank  You

Marissa - GA
(Cocoa Beach Store)
I would like to take this time to offer you the highest of recommendations! When shopping in your store, I found that your selection of shortboards was tremendous. Your salesman did an excellent job of presenting the right size board for my size and surf location. He also made sure that I had all of the accessories necessary to begin surfing seriously. He really went the extra mile to make sure that I had everything I needed.

Although it was the excellent service that made me return to your store again and again, your products have lasted well throughout the years. The very first board I bought was a Ron Jon  Board, I still use it, bit it is now full of memorable dings from crashing waves and failed launches. Due to an over-scheduling of work and home life, I have been saving my earnings, but I haven't gotten a chance to visit one of your stores to select a new board. I will soon be taking a long awaited trip down to Florida in search of a new board. Traveling to Cocoa Beach every few years is something that I talk about all year long, always sure to mention that my favorite surf-shop is the Ron Jon's Surf Shop.

I hope you have taken the time to read my letter, and that you are pleased to know that your store is advertised by word of mouth even outside of Cocoa  Beach. Your loyal customer, Marissa.

Irene - Canada
Hello my name is Irene, I am from Ontario Canada. My family Mike my husband and my 2 sons Matthew 13 and Adam 10 have just come back from Orlando FL on Jan 24/10. Where we went to Disney for our first family vacation. Then on to Fort Meyers FL to spend a couple of days at a family friends condo so the boys could experience the ocean. Before going on our trip my boys went on line to see were the nearest Ron John Surf Shop was. They were very very excited to find that there was one in Fort Meyers. This is all they could talk about really I think they were more excited about this then going to Disney!!! For Christmas both boys received from family and friends $150 each. While in Disney I told the boys that they could spend there money on anything they wanted but all they talked about was going to Ron John Surf Shop! Which brings me to the reason for this e-mail. We went to your location in Fort Meyers and I have to say my boys were treated like royalty. The Manager of that store and the young girl that was working brought the boys tons of different t-shirts hoody's and shorts to try on. I sat back and thought it was like a scene out of Pretty Women they thought they were Rock Stars!!!!! The young girl gave the boys Ron John stickers which they proudly display on there snowboards and helmet and when other kids on the hill ask them about there stickers they proudly tell them about how cool your store is in Fort Meyers and how they cant wait to go back!!!! It was so nice to have such a great experience in your store we tend to get so tired up in our own personal issues we forget that life can still be fun and your store in Fort Meyers made 2 boys from the cold Canada have the best VACATION ever!!! Thank you
P.S. The boys spent all there Christmas money in your store and think they are the coolest kids in school LOL!!!!!

Carrie S
(Surf Grill)
Your employee in the surf grill "Bill" is simply fantastic. He has the ability to handle multiple orders with a smile, and provides efficient and friendly service.
He is a keeper. 

Bill who was working the Surf Grill did a fantastic job. Just thought you would want to know you have a great employee.

Ray - CA
Have been shopping at Ron Jons since 74, have always been a fan and customer and always will.

Nancy - FL
Hi, Joy,
I just realized that I never wrote and thanked you for all of your help with our anniversary party on October 10th. The staff was very pleasant and helpful, and the food was delicious. People are still raving about our party!!! Thank you so much for everything!

Donna & Joey 
(Online Store)
Becky, Sorry this is so late but with Christmas and all we have been pretty busy. We just wanted to write you all and thank you for the body board and the gift certificate that you sent us. Not many people would have gone to the things you all did just to make a customer happy.
Joey loved her card that all of you signed. She still has it on her dresser. Thanks again from both of us. Love you all

Jon - AL
I grew up near the beach in Florida. It was all about jams, OP and Ron Jon's Surf Shop.

Karen - MA
(Ft. Lauderdale Store)
I drive to Florida twice a year and stop at Ron Jon's in Orlando, Myrtle Beach, and Ship Bottom, N.J. I have also been to the Lauderdale store. My kids will not let me back home without new clothes from you! This past summer, the sweatshirt I bought for my son was not large enough. I had a sudden death in the family and had to drive to  Florida for the funeral on Sunday. I was running late and didn't get to Ron Jon's until 7:07 pm. I could not believe the 'mall' closed at 7pm. I was overly emotional from the day's proceedings and knew this was my only chance to exchange the sweatshirt. I basically drove 1,500 miles knowing I would do this! Your store manager Robin, after listening to my story through the locked gates, allowed me into the store as they were still performing the closing duties. She found the larger sweatshirt, made the exchange, and was more pleasant than anyone could have expected under those circumstances.

I will never forget the kindness and compassion she offered me that day.

Vernon - IN
I worked for my Uncle at the Cocoa Beach & Canaveral Pier stores in the mid 70's on a part time basis and just wanted to say congratulations to the staff and owners of Ron Jon's for the continued growth and branding strength shown over the last 30 + years. I just visited the Panama City store this month and experienced the same beach goer/ surfer atmosphere and attitude that we strived for in the earlier days of the company, the staff was awesome and the merchandising was top-notch.

This visit was rejuvenating in a sense and reminded me of my old OP baggies w/ a bar of Mr Zogs "Sex Wax," in the rear pocket, flip-flops and RJ custom silkscreen wearing days, surfing in the early morning, patching boards, building surf leashes or hatch-cover tables and working with great people and family at the shop during the day.

Thanks and long live RJs

Lynn - MS
(Online Store)
I'll start at the beginning... My friend was in Florida recently. She grew up in Cocoa Beach and she and her family went to ALL the amusement parks. She saw ALL the sights. The only thing she could talk about was going to the RON JON Surf Shop, she said "You haven't been anywhere until you've been to Ron Jon's, it's the Bomb!" As a little girl she loved shopping at your store.

She came back to Mississippi and wore her Ron Jon t-shirt proudly. She wished that she had gotten a long sleeved shirt too. I thought about what I was going to get her for Christmas and Ron Jon's popped into my head. I found your site and ordered a long sleeved shirt and a hoodie. I got my order today, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Everything was just the right size & color. I noticed an envelope in my shipping bag a few minutes ago and opened it...


In this day and time, one does not get "Thank You"  notes. I commend your company for taking the time and putting forth the effort to do this. It made my day. Now I know why my friend raves about your store. I get it. She is right. You guys are the Bomb! I am so excited about this purchase because I know she is going to love my Christmas gift to her this year. Money well spent! Thank You

John & Rhonda
(Online Store)
Thank you so much for your help with the shirts & fast delivery! They fit great & we had so many compliments at our wedding on how nice our shirts were. I told everyone who asked where we got them so I hope that I bring you a lot more business in the future!! Thanks again and P.S. The wedding party thought the Ron Jon glasses were a great gift!!!

Amy - UK
(Online Store)
Before heading back home I called your customer service number and asked about shipping to the UK. The website staff member (sorry don't remember her name) was extremely knowledgeable and gave me all the info I needed to complete my purchase from home. I just love your product and recommend your website to all my friends! Customer Service is not great these days anywhere you go and you sure put a lot of other company's to shame. Please don't change! Thanks and have a great summer!

George - NH
My surf shop in Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island when I visit my relatives. Great Staff!