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Five of Our Favorite Things About Summer

1. More Time in the Water    
Warmer weather means warmer water temperatures at the ocean, pools and lakes.  Time to trade the wetsuits for swimsuits and boardshorts, and enjoy days filled with surfing, swimming and other water activities.  



 2. No School = Vacation Time   
Whether you’re driving, flying, cruising or taking the train, summer is the most popular time for vacations.  Which ever way you are getting to where you are going there is probably a Ron Jon store waiting for you to visit. Check out our website for current locations and to map out your next vacation.   


3. Music Festivals and Outdoor Events  
Summer is the season for all kinds of outdoor festivals. If you’re a music fan, there’s a festival for nearly every genre from metal and punk to country and classical.  If you prefer sports, check out  a soccer or baseball game in person.  You can also grab a blanket and enjoy a movie at the park or take a stroll through an art fair.  Check out the events calendars where you live and get ready to be entertained.


 4. Summer Camps 
If you’ve ever wanted to learn a new sport, like surfing, there are daily and weekly summer camps at the Ron Jon Surf School in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  If sports don’t interest you, there are a wide variety of other camps out there from educational to adventure-packed.  No matter which one you pick, it’s a fun way to learn a new skill and make friends!



5. More Time With Friends and Family
Summer is the best season to spend quality time and catch up with friends and family.  Whether you meet for lunch, lounge by the pool or take a trip, enjoy every minute.  Sun, fun, connection and relaxation makes summer our favorite time of year.

Have an awesome summer!  See you soon!

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