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Ron Jon Surf Shop has designed a benefits package that offers competitive pay, group health insurance, a generous 401(k) plan, retail store discount and other industry related perks with our associates needs in mind.

Ron Jon Surf Shop offers a number of great benefits such as:


  1. Paid Time Off
  2. Group Health Insurance
  3. 401(k) Plan
  4. Educational Assistance
  5. Employee Discounts
  6. Leave of Absences
  7. Jury Duty Pay

Paid Time off header

Ron Jon grants Paid Time Off (PTO) to eligible employees to provide them with the flexibility to meet their personal and work needs. PTO is earned on all paid time for full time regular employees.


PTO starts accumulating after completing the 90-day introductory period or 90 days after transfer to full time regular status.

Group health insurance header


Full time employees are eligible to take part in Group Health Insurance Benefits.


 Exempt and Non Exempt full time, regular employees are eligible on the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment. Ron Jon offers group medical, dental and vision insurance as well as supplemental policies and voluntary term life policies.

401K Header

Ron Jon Surf Shop has established a 401(k) savings plan, administered by SunTrust, to give employees the potential for future financial security for retirement.

A 401(k) is an employer-sponsored qualified retirement savings plan.  It allows you to save for your retirement while deferring any immediate income taxes on the money you save or their respective earnings until withdrawn. The following are key points of Ron Jon Surf Shop 401(k) plan:
  • Employee must meet eligibility before enrolling
  • Employees may contribute up to 100% of their pay
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop offers a discretionary match of 100% up to 5%

Educational Assistance header

Ron Jon encourages its employees to pursue educational opportunities.

All regular, full time employees who have worked for Ron Jon at least one continuous year at a full time status are eligible for educational reimbursement. Ron Jon’s may reimburse an employee up to $2,500 in educational assistance each calendar year.

Additional Benefits Header

Employee discount header

Ron Jon Surf Shop offers employees a 25% discount off regularly priced merchandise.


Leave of Absences 

Ron Jon Surf Shop offers leave of absences to eligible employees. Eligibility is based on store location/size, length of service and reason for leave.

Jury Duty header

Ron Jon Surf Shop may provide regular day’s pay for time spent serving on jury duty which directly coincides with your daily work schedule. Such pay for time spent serving on jury duty will be provided for a maximum of 10 work days.


Pay Cycle header


Ron Jon employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. There are 26 paychecks per year, however, benefit payroll deductions are only taken from 24 paychecks (i.e., 2 paychecks have no deductions). Work weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. Direct deposit is available and encouraged.


EOE header


This information is intended as a summary of material modification to the benefits described in the official summary plan documents for these plans. It does not interpret, extend or change the plan in any way. The benefits that you receive are based upon the plan’s official plan documents, not this guide or any other written or oral statement. If there is a conflict between this guide and the official plan documents, the official plan documents will govern in all cases.

Ron Jon Surf Shop reserves the right at any time to change or terminate these plans.

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