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XM Double Soft Rack

SKU: 6020335800001010
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XM double soft rack system fits most any car with its easily adjustable straps. Just position the pads, pull the strap through the car, secure it, slip it over your boards tighten and go!

  • Strong nylon webbing
  • Non-slip/non-abrasive rubber  to protect your car and your board
  • High-tech cam buckle to secure any surfboard
*Note: This is designed to fit full size or SUV size cars and trucks.  Not for vehicles with a roof smaller than 53" in width - door to door.  May not be suitable for 2 door cars.

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Other Features:

Surf More XM has been making surf leashes for the last 35 years! The company began in 1973, by Bob Nealy, with a Velcro strap designed in San Clemente, California. It worked so well that leashes made in a garage became the XM line - now recognized world-wide as one of the finest leash and accessory companies.   Many innovations in product designs have helped XM to be a world leader in the development of leashes and accessories. 
“Made in the USA”- XM urethane cord is extruded in their own factory in San Clemente, California for over 25 years! Dependable quality continues in the production of all of our products, making Surf More XM a name you can trust!


Customer Ratings:

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Very Satisfied
Posted: January 29, 2014 05:33 PM

"Best racks I have ever owned. Far better than the FCS or Dakine ones I've had. Yeah, water leaks in your vehicle if it rains (only on a heavy rain day), but that's because the straps stay so tight that they compress your weather stripping while in use. So, in essence, water leaking in is a sign of the excellent quality of the strap and buckle. The water issue is easily stopped by closing a wash cloth or shop rag in the door frame on a heavy rain day."

Posted: September 06, 2013 05:59 PM


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