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Ron Jon 48" Slick Bodyboard

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The 48" slick bodyboard from Ron Jon is a smooth and responsive board that offers easy takeoffs.  The Curved rails further enhance the design.  

  • PE Foam deck offers durability and performance
  • Strong foam core for flexibility and maneuvering
  • Hard slick bottom adds strength and speed to the board
  • Approximately 23 1/2" wide and 2 1/2" thick.
  • Comes with a sturdy wrist leash and pre-installed leash plug.
This is NOT a life saving device. Adult supervision is required.

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Other Features:

  It was 1959 and on the New Jersey shore a bright young man named Ron DiMenna was just discovering the sport of surfing with fiberglass surfboards. The pastime soon became a passion and homemade surfboards would no longer do. When his father heard that Ron wanted his own custom surfboard from California, he suggested, "Buy three, sell two at a profit, then yours will be free." His Dad was right and Ron Jon Surf Shop was born.

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