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What's the perfect bag?
November 05, 2015

What's the perfect bag?


Gift giving season is almost upon us and we know how difficult it is to find that perfect gift. This year, why not give something that can be used day after day, over and over again! We've grouped some bags by use to make the selection process easier. Not all bags function the same way and those used while out in a kayak or for a day hiking aren't necessarily prefect for that lazy day on the beach or a trip to the local farmer's market or grocery store.

Just ask yourself these questions about the recipient of your gift:

Are they Adventurous?
If the answer is yes, we recommend these Waterproof Cinch Sack's. Available in up to 4 colors these bags protect gear from rain, sand, snow, dirt and even water. Pretty perfect for a day kayaking, hiking or even a day trip when the weather might be a little unpredictable.

Are they "Day At The Beach" lovers?
If the answer is yes, we recommend these larger sized beach totes. Big enough to carry basic beach essentials plus a few extras. These tote bags feature dual handles for hand or shoulder and come with handy outer pockets. They work great too for holding that "before" or "after work" workout gear.

Are they Frequent Shoppers?
If the answer is yes, we recommend the Ron Jon reusable bag. Lightweight and 100% recyclable the bag is printed using water based inks and feature a bag bottom stiffener that's attached on one side so that it won't fall out. Sturdier than your standard grocery store reusable bags they fold flat and take up barely any room in your vehicle or briefcase. No more asking for plastic bags while grocery shopping with this environmentally friendly option.

Oh, and did we mention they make a great alternative to paper gift bags, boxes and wrapping paper!