On the Move - Ron Jon Motorhome

One Of A Kind Wheels - When the owners of Ron Jon Surf Shop roll into town, most take notice. Low profile cannot be used to describe Ron and Lynne DiMenna’s newest acquisition. No matter where they go, it’s in their new bus. And the bus is like no other, measuring 42 feet long, holding 250 gallons of gas and custom painted to look like a 1940’s style woody station wagon - this is not something you typically see parked at the local corner store. Ron and Lynne refer to the bus as the “World’s Largest Woody.”

Over the last several months, several publications have written articles covering their travels, and of course reacting to their new wheels –The Register Guard Newspaper in Eugene, Oregon, Steppin’ Out Magazine in Colorado Springs, Colorado and The News & Sentinel Newspaper in Colebrook, New Hampshire. Ron describes the reaction as the “craziest thing I’ve ever seen.” That’s the kind of reaction you get when you drive one of a kind wheels.

Here are some of Ron's other custom vehicles located at the Cocoa Beach and New Jersey stores!

Ron Jon Woody Image                          Ron Jon PT Cruiser Image


Ron Jon PT Cruiser Image