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FCS T-2 Blue Traction Pad

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FCS T-2 Blue Traction Pad main focus is on a surfers functionality and performance on the waves. This traction pad features a thermoformed dimpled surface, clear and defined groove pattern, and a groove at the base of the kick to assist the adhesive bond to prevent peeling.

  • 5 Piece Pad
  • Triek Groove Pattern - Chunkier groove, with three levels of traction to grip on to. Compounded by a dimpled surface.
  • Multi Directional Groove Patterns - Responds to the different forces between the surfer and the board. The center and front panels face forward and side panels face inward so the traction pushes back on your feet.
  • Spine, ergonomic arch
  • Luna rounded performance kick
  • Includes spare FCS key

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Other Features:

FCS was founded in 1992 and soon after became the world standard fin system. Prior to 1992, surfboards came with the fins fixed to the surfboard and were not removable. By allowing the fins to be removed and changed, FCS brought about a whole new world of performance and travel benefits to surfers across the globe. FCS allows you to fine tune the performance of your surfboard by changing your fins to suit different wave conditions, board sizes and body types. FCS works closely with the top surfers and shapers in the world to produce the broadest fin range available and is the only truly global fin company and fin system. Anywhere in the world that there is a surf store, you will find FCS fins. FCS also has the most extensive range of high quality and innovative surfing and travel accessories available in surfing including board bags, leashes, auto surf racks, traction pads, back packs, luggage, and in water apparel. FCS: Change your fins, Feel the difference, Progress your surfing. 

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