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Sharkbanz - Azure

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The Sharkbanz are designed to deter shark bites for casual beachgoers, swimmers and surfers. Through the use of special patented magnetic technology, Sharkbanz deter sharks from attacking people. Sharkbanz use no chemicals, batteries, or electricity to deter sharks, ensuring simplicity in use, storage, and durability.

For more information on the technology used visit http://www.sharkbanz.com/technology/

One size fits most. The secure clasp system that will allow Sharkbanz to fit the wrist or ankle of almost all men, women and children.

Sharkbanz are not designed for children under 5, and young kids should always be supervised in the water and while using Sharkbanz. They contain powerful magnets, which can cause damage to electronic devices and computerized equipment. Always consult a doctor before use if you have any metal under your skin, such as pacemakers and hearing aids.

No technology can guarantee that you will not be bitten while in the ocean.  The Sharkbanz are designed to deter the most common hit and run attacks from the majority of shark species found in shallow coastal waters around the world.  Commercial divers, spear fishermen, and anyone swimming, diving or surfing in waters known to be hot spots for Great White Sharks are advised not to rely solely on Sharkbanz as protection.

If you have metal or medical devices under the skin, always consult with your doctor before purchasing and using Sharkbanz.

Sharkbanz technology can harm electronic devices, including electronic scuba equipment, and should be kept at least 12 inches (30cm) away from these devices. If you are handling electronic equipment while diving, it is suggested you place Sharkbanz on your ankles to avoid direct contact with the electronics.


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