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The Shortboard
December 20, 2017

The Shortboard

The Ron Jon shortboard is generally described as a high performance surfboard.  These boards usually measure between 5'6" and 7'0" long and between 16" and 19" wide. Their small size and narrow shape make them less stable and harder to paddle, this is especially true for a beginner surfer. However, true performance and maneuverability is what they are about making this a perfect board for an experienced rider. Shortboards allows you to dig deep into a wave, are great for barrel riding and make turns very quickly and easily.

We recommend this board for younger or more advanced surfers and when surfing conditions are good. Shortboards aren't very good in small waves, for that you want something thicker and longer. We recommend a longboard or a midlength board here. Many pro surfers compete on a shortboard.

The fish is a variation on the shortboard. Fishes are generally wider, have less rocker, a fuller nose and usually have a swallow tail. Fishes are great when the wave conditions are smaller and less than perfect.
Don't forget to leash up your board! A basic rule of thumb is that you should use a leash that is the same length as your board.

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